Instructor, Coordinator of Digital Fabrication: Louisiana State University
-Three main objectives of current position:
1. Develop digital fabrication curriculum for the College of Art and Design
2. Oversee setup of our new digital fabrication lab, the Fabrication Factory
3. Develop student/faculty exchange between LSU and Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic


Master of Fine Arts: Ceramics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. Spring 2013, Full tuition coverage, Graduate teaching assistantship, GPA 3.9
Post Baccalaureate: One-year position: Ceramics, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK. 2009-2010
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Ceramics, Ohio University, Athens OH Spring 2009, GPA 3.7, Cum Laude, Dean’s list 2007-2009, Ohio Bobcat Award, $2,100 per year, Arrowmount School of Arts and Crafts Scholarship, $800 total
Associate of Applied Science: Visual Communications, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH. Spring 2005, Dean’s list 2004-2005


Fall 2018
-Interior Component Design: ID 4751 01- LSU- Inst. of Record
-SoA Foundations Curriculum Digital Coordinator
-Worked with faculty from 5 courses (4 Intro to 3D Design, 1 Intro to Sculpture) to integrate digital tools into coursework. I rotated into each class for 5 weeks.
-3D Design: ART 1012 02, 03, 04, 05- LSU
-Intro to Sculpture: 1762 01- LSU
Spring 2018

    -Ways & Means, Digital Fabrication: ART 4020 02- LSU- Inst. of Record
    -Furniture Design: ART 4020 03- LSU- Inst. of Record
    -Furniture Design: ART 2655 01- LSU- Inst. of Record
Fall 2017
-2D Design: ART 1011 03 -LSU -Inst. of Record
    -2D Design: ART 1011 04 -LSU -Inst. of Record
    -2D Design: ART 1011 06 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Summer 2017
-Furniture Design: ART 4020 01 & ART 2655 01- LSU- Inst. of Record
Spring 2017
    -Ways & Means, Digital Fabrication: ART 4020 02- LSU- Inst. of Record
    -Furniture Design: ART 4020 01- LSU- Inst. of Record
    -Furniture Design: ART 2655 01- LSU- Inst. of Record
Fall 2016
 -Architectural Techniques: ARCH 2003- LSU- Inst. of Record
    -3D Design: ART 1012 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Spring 2016
    -Ways and Means - Digital Fabrication Applications: ART 4020 07 -LSU -Inst. of Record
    -Rhinoceros 3D: ART 4020 01 -LSU -Inst. of Record
    -These two classes are certified as Communication-Intensive (C-I) courses which meets all of the requirements set forth by LSU’s Communication across the   Curriculum program
Fall 2015
    -Graduate Ceramics: ART 7600 -LSU -Inst. of Record (6 weeks)
    -Advanced Ceramics: ART 4661 -LSU -Inst. of Record (6 weeks)
    -Senior Project Ceramics: ART 4691 -LSU -Inst. of Record (6 weeks)
    -3D Design: ART 1012 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Spring 2014:
    -3D Design: ART 1012 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Fall 2013:
    -3D Design: ART 1012 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Fall 2012:
    -Introduction to Ceramics- Handbuilding: ART 1661 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Spring 2012: 
    -Introduction to Ceramics- Wheel Throwing: ART 1662 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Fall 2011: 
    -3D Design: ART 1012 -LSU -Inst. of Record
Spring 2011:
 -Introduction to Ceramics- Wheel Throwing: ART 1662 -LSU -Graduate Teaching Assistant
Fall 2010:
 -Introduction to Ceramics- Handbuilding: ART 1661 -LSU -Graduate Teaching Assistant


Fall 2018
-LSU CoAD: Ceramics Factory Development Committee Member. Ongoing
-LSU EMDM: Dissertation Committee Member for Matthew Blessing: PhD- Experimental Music and Digital Media
-LSU CoAD: Graduate Review Committee Member for Hunter Stabler: MFA- Digital Art
-LSU CoAD: Graduate Review Committee Member for Joseph Nivens: MFA- Sculpture
Spring 2018

-LSU CoAD: Foundations Curriculum Development Committee Member, SoA Representative. Ongoing
-LSU CoAD: Graduate Review Committee Member for Hunter Stabler: MFA- Digital Art
Spring 2017
-LSU TAM: Undergraduate Honors Thesis Committee Member for Biagia Rosinia: BS- Textile, Apparel and Merchandising


May 2013-August 2015: Louisiana State University Design Shop Assistant Manager - Research Specialist. I assist with the maintenance and operation of the Design Shop tools which include a full array of woodworking tools as well as a CNC mill, laser cutters and 3D printers
2012: May-August: Employed full-time at Benchworks, a Baton Rouge based custom furniture designer and builder.
2011: October-December: Wheel throwing instructor at Louisiana State University Leisure Arts Center in the Student Union.
2009-13: As a graduate assistant at LSU, my job responsibilities fell under both the Ceramics area and Design Shop. 
2009: June-August: Instructor at John Bryant Community Pottery in Yellow Springs, OH. I taught an adult beginning throwing class and a childrens intro to clay class.
2008-09: December-January: Studio assistant for Brad Schwieger. Aided in preparation forProfessor Schwieger’s upcoming lectures and workshops, helped load and unload kilns and prepared clay.
2009: Woodshop monitor. Ohio University, Athens, OH. I was responsible for maintaining a safe environment in the wood shop during student work hours, as well as assisting with student projects
2008-09: Selected as PACE (The Program to Aid Career Exploration) Gallery Assistant for Petra Kralickova at Ohio University, Athens, OH.
2008: Substitute teacher at Edison Community College, Piqua, OH. Taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced handbuilding and wheel throwing.
2005-09: Freelance Graphic Designer, Design District, Dayton, OH.


2018: Office Furniture Set - Dean of College of Art & Design at LSU, Alkis Tsolakis 
2016: White Mug - The Rosenfield Collection -
2014: Mantle - William and Tracey Kimbrell
2015: Knife Holder - Michael D. Robinson
2015: Side Table - William and Tracey Kimbrell
2016: Small Tray Set - Donald J. Boutte
2016: Large Tray Set - William and Tracey Kimbrell


2019: Trio of Trespassers: The Firehouse Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA: January 1-31: 3 person exhibition
2019: Costume Society of America’s 45th Annual National Symposium: Collaboration with Megan Roman. Abstract and garment accepted for symposium, 50% acceptance 
2016: International Textile and Apparel Association Conference: Collaboration with LSU TAM Faculty Dr. Casey Stannard. Abstract and garment accepted for conference, 43% acceptance
Thoughts Become Things, Arkansas School for Mathematics, Science and the Arts, May 1-7, Solo Exhibition
2013: Without Words, Glassell Gallery, LSU, April 21-27 , MFA Thesis Exhibition
2012: Landscapes of the Western Imagination, Wurster Hall Gallery, UC Berkeley, November 5-30, An invitational design exhibition
2012: Prototype, Red Lodge Clay Center, Red Lodge, MT, September 7 - September 30, A selective invitational exhibition for artists implementing technological advances in clay
2012: Fluxswitch, Elevator Projects, Coca Cola building, Baton Rouge, LA. February-March, An artist collective invitational exhibition
2012: LSU Art and Design Graduate Student Exhibition, Foster Gallery, September 24 - October 19
2012: NCECANational Student Juried Exhibition, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, February-April
2011: Interpreting the Cup, The Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC, An invitational cup exhibition, November 5 - December 31
2010: 8 Fluid Ounces, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, A national juried exhibition, February 20 - March 21
2009: Modification/Commodification, BFA thesis exhibition, Ohio University, Athens, OH, June 6 - 8
2009:  Rites of Passage, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, A national juried exhibition, April 17 - May 15
2008-09: Invitational exhibition, Alden Library Gallery, Ohio University, Athens, OH
2008: Conscious Collective, Cube Four Gallery, Ohio University, Athens, OH
2008: NCECA Regional Student Juried Exhibition, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, January-April
2008: Undergraduate Student Exhibition, Siegfred Gallery, Ohio University, Athens, OH.
2006: Paper making Exhibition, Hypotenuse Gallery, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH
2005: Senior Visual Communications Exhibition, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH


Goddess of Ash: Abstract published in Costume Society of American Conference Design Catalog: 2019: Collaboration with Megan Romans
Hyperbolic Honeycomb: Abstract published in International Textile and Apparel Association Conference Design Catalog: 2016: Collaboration with Dr. Casey Stannard
College of Art and Design Exhibition Features Exploratory Course Work
: The Daily Reveille: 2016: Article written by Katie Gagliano about an exhibition that I organized for the work produced during my class, Ways & Means


2006: July-August: Summer Intern at Pine Creek Pottery, Kempton, Pennsylvania, for Willi Singleton. Processed indigenous clay and wood ash, and helped fire Mr. Singleton’s four chamber wood burning Noborigama kiln.
2004-05: Intern at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida The College Program. Customer service and merchandise specialist.
2003-05: Gallery Assistant Intern at Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio. Installed and deinstalled exhibitions and maintained the gallery facilities on campus.
2004: Volunteer construction project, Tijuana Christian Mission, Tijuana, Mexico.  I helped in an ongoing effort to rebuild and construct new housing for an orphanage.
1999: John Perkins volunteer community development project, Jackson Mississippi. Renovation of John Perkins’ housing and missionary facilities.


Mastery of: Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, RhinoCAM, SprutCAM, InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Microsoft Office, Macintosh OS X. 
Knowledgeable in: Arduino, AutoCAD and Solid Edge.


Mastery of handbuilding, throwing, mold making, slip casting, press molding, firing of gas reduction, electric, soda, salt, wood, and raku kilns, pit firing, glaze and clay calculation, formulation and testing, screen printing and firing of ceramic decals. I have also been a part of 3 kiln construction teams.


Metal Working: Band saw, bench grinder, mig welder, arc welder, oxy acetylene torch, plasma cutter, sandblaster, metal break and sheet bender.


Woodworking: Table saw, band saw, hand, belt, drum and bench sanders, chain saw, miter saw, radial arm saw, lathe, hollow chisel mortiser, planer and joiner. Mastery of hand tools such as chisels, planes and hand saws.


My process for creating work is the culmination of my research from the last thirteen years. This process begins with a Rhino drawing which is either milled from wood or foam or 3D printed. Often I use these parts together to create molds for casting clay. I am constantly trying to discover new ways to utilize CNC and 3D fabrication technology in my work.


During my time after graduate school, my research has focused on mastering RhinoCAM, 3 axis milling 4 axis milling with the use of the rotary table attachment. I have written tutorials on some of these topics which are available to my students on my web site, 

*References available upon request.